pre dig a the team

Hardworking volunteers pause during work on the test pits

Several attempts have been made to restore the Quoit since its fall in 1966. In 2009 The Sustainable Trust were able to negotiate for the land and raise funds through the Heritage Lottery Fund. Several smaller Trusts helped by contributing to the match funding:- The Cornwall Heritage Trust, Cornwall Archaeological Society, The Cornwall Community Fund.

'A Giant Leap' the exhibition we held in an empty shop in Camborne was also part funded by the Camborne Chamber of Commerce and Stuart Cullimore's Cornwall Councillor's Community Fund.

In order to restore the quoit, a second bid was agreed with the HLF for education and outreach throughout a 2 year project. Natural England were to provide match funding, but the government spending revue curtailed this. The Sustainable Trust then spent a year trying to make up these withdrawn funds in a difficult climate, eventually re-writing the HLF bid for 'Archaeological Investigations at CarwynnenQuoit' with support from the CHT, CAS, the John Paul Getty Junior Charitable Trust, a private bequest and the Tanner Trust.

In Autumn 2013 we had two major bids approved. Sita Cornwall Ltd are funding improvements to the site and the Heritage Lottery Fund are paying for education and outreach around this phase of the project.

It has been a great bonus to have been so well appreciated by the wider local community and to have been able to encourage an interest in archaeology, local history, nature and landscape in people of all ages and abilities. We have been touched by their warmth and friendliness and applaud their contribution to the great success of this project.