We held an art project in 2009 called Giant Leap. The project aimed to raise awareness in the locale about the almost forgotten Carwynnen Quoit. Since the Investigative and Big Dig in 2012, new art projects have started to develop.

Artist Suzy Sharpe sketched archaeologists on site and is currently developing illustrated walks about the surrounding areas, and has been running printing workshops at Quoit events. GIS Archivist and Archaeological Illustrator George Scott is illustrating the key archaeological finds from the field. A beautiful example of this work is the Pestle that has been found during the Big Dig. Artist Steve Hiddleston has become known as Stone Age Steve because he's been developing paints made from charcoal, soil and animal fat and practising how these paints would have worked in different climatic conditions such as the depths of a neolithic winter. He has worked with Troon Primary School making pop-up quoits and flags, and is a key practitioner at other Quoit events. Artist and designer Dominica Williamson is working with butterfly expert Phil Harris to map the Quoit field using community mapping techniques including drawing, and is looking at botanical plates that could be created in connection to what is in the quoit field. (She also assists with the Educational and Community Outreach for the project.)

We are always delighted to hear from any artists who are inspired by this site.

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