A special piece of music has been commissioned 'The Ballad of the Giant's Quoit', a commemorative piece in both the Cornish and English languages. Hilary Coleman of 'Dalla' and Frances Bennett are running composition workshops with the Red River Singers. The piece was performed at a ceremony celebrating the restoration of the quoit, along with a dance around and under the quoit.



The Ballad

Blackthorn and holly and willow guard the land
Matured and fallen and renewed they stand
Souls of the past on a raw winters day
Walked these paths, hear their songs far away.

Kewni, ithen ha manegow spriggan
And there were foxglove, moss and furze
Gwiez ew kevrenow, hethow, de, avorow
Nye venga Carwynnen clowas agos leav
Kewni, ithen ha manegow spriggan
And there were foxglove, moss and furze

Flowing and pulsing from deep down I come 
From the depths of the past, awaiting the sun
Tin and Elvan, copper and gold
Shaped my granite heart so bold

I am granite rock so hard and bright
The portal opened in a fair spring light
Exposed my bones to the warm Cornish earth
Shaped by Old Cornwall, I was given birth.

Miner and fisherman and those of this land
Worked at will with eager hand
Lifted me up, this body to create
Stones from the earth, a massive weight

A granite legend raised at last
In a Cornish wood my stones were cast
A place of honour, rooted in the land
For all your rites; a quoit I stand

So the years turn and a child will grieve
For parents joined here on a midsummers' eve
I’ve been safe shelter from the circling storm,
A place for tea treats on a summer's morn

But the earth shook and my body fell down
Abandoned, forgotten, broken in the ground
Through the Autumn my bones slept deep
But half-remembered my heartstone beat

Five thousand years and my stones still remain
Eager hearts and hands gave me life again
Raised up so proud above Cornish soil
Sustained in trust by a great woman’s toil

And now this Dolmen risen with care,
Is a singing stone in the Cornish air.
Can it carry our hearts on this bright new day.
On a safer path and a better way?

011 rock on dom smaller