The people came from all around to hear the story told
How Manawydan the son of Llyr became a warrior bold.
They sat beside the Giants Quoit upon Treslothan Moor,
This place where he, the son of Llyr had seen the large white boar.
And as the winter’s night came in they listened to the Bard
He drew them closer to the fire where the ground was not so hard.


Today it is the Solstice. He spoke in a voice so clear.
The day when Llwyd the Winter God chose to do battle here.
He’d stolen the golden cauldron, from out the sky so blue
The days turned grey and nasty what could the people do?
The plants and flowers they’d nurtured, under the golden sun
Were withering and dying, they lost them everyone.

But as they died they dropped their seed upon the earth below,
There to remain for ever without the suns warm glow.
Manawydan and his faithful friend a promise they would keep,
They told the elders they’d go out and for the sun would seek.
They’d search the wide world over, and their search would not be done
Till they found Llwyd the Winter God who’d stolen golden sun.

Through Asia and through Europe they sought him everywhere
At times they thought of giving up, filled with a deep despair,
At last they came to Kernow, much more they could not take
And as they crossed Treslothan Moor they saw Pendarves Lake.
A large white boar was standing there and they began to run.
He led them too a castle, yes, it was the magic one.

Pryderi, Manawydan’s friend, said let us enter here,
Manawydan urged more caution as the outcome was not clear.
But Pryderi his headstrong friend rushed onward through the gate
And in the inner sanctum saw a sight that made him shake.
It was a cauldron made of gold gleaming, twas the sun,
Hung over a slab of marble by Llwyd the evil one.

As nightfall came the thunder rolled across Treslothan Moor,
The mist rolled down upon the ground, visability was poor.
And when they came down to the lake they found the fortress gone
Pryderi’s mother, Rhiann cried, she'd lost her only son.
I made a promise Manawydan said and that promise I shall keep,
I'll find this Llwyd the evil one, yes we shall surely meet.

The lightning flashed and thunder crashed around Pendarves Wood
Then rain poured down upon the ground causing it to flood.
Manawydan called “Will thou come forth, right now you evil one.
Let you and I do battle, for release of the Golden Sun."
Llwyd the God of Winter this challenge could not refuse,
To fight a mere mortal there was no way he could lose.

Standing toe to toe they battled neither one would give an inch.
Manawydan grabbed Llwyd’s arm and held him in a clinch.
But Llwyd’s strength was mighty just like a God at War,
He pulled him down upon the ground and held him by his Jaw.
The battle it seemed over Manawydan he was spent.
But one last cut with an upward thrust with power from heaven sent.

Llwyd the God of Winter lay wounded in his blood.
Of power he was forsaken, he lost it all for good,
Oh, he’s allowed his season, but only for so long,
Then Pryderi - now the Sun God - comes and fills the earth with song.
But what of Manawydan, I hear you ask of me.
He was buried under yonder Quoit, but his spirit lives in thee.

For you who are of Celtic blood, will feel your Celtic bonds
You'll always know within your heart the place where you belong
Although you travel the wide world o'er, away from Kernows shore,
You still will hear the wild winds call as it blows across the moor.
Calling you back homewards, to the place of ancestral birt
To celebrate the Solstice with the Goddess of the earth.

The fire light was fast fading as the embers they burned down
And the people started leaving, it was time to be homeward bound
But the Bard he made no movement at the embers he still stared
He poked them with his bardic staff causing them to flare
And in the sudden blaze of light a young deer he did see
He knew it was Manawydan from death he'd been set free.

Happy Solstice

George P 2000